Kinomap Fitness App

Download Kinomap Fitness App, enable your device and 200.000 Km geolocalized videos registered all over the world will be available to you!

Challenge your friends, compete with other users or trained alone to overcome your records.

With more than 15 new features, the training app displays a completely fresh look to fit its user’s needs including real-life footages to train indoor as if they were outside.

The new edition of the Kinomap App also includes coaching video content, a brand new game play through public and private races.

Running has never been so exciting: your treadmill will incline automatically to adapt to the type of path surface you have chosen and the video speed will synchronize with the rythm of your motion. Are you ready to start?

Explore every corner of the world, share and comment on social networks and compare your performance.

The APP is free to download and the free version already gives you access to all features and a set of free videos for testing with no limitation of time. Just download from the App Store or Play Store and enjoy the ride! A subscription may be required later on to get access to the entire eligible content and virtually travel the world. 

App features

  • search by popularity, keyword, country, difficulty, duration or incline
  • access to over 90,000 miles of cycling, running and rowing videos posted by the Kinomap community
  • view your strength, speed, distance, time and heart rate
  • easy setup in the equipment tab
  • save your training history and track your progress
  • optimized for external display: if you have an Apple TV or an HDMI adapter, transfer the video, the elevation profile and dashboard to your screen and maximize the space for the map
  • browse and create playlists
  • warm-up with our interval training programs
  • post your results on Facebook, Strava, Training Peaks, RunKeeper, Under Armour and more
  • premium videos available using inApp purchase

* On Android devices, at the moment, the treadmills don't support the interval training.

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