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Toorx >> Chrono Line >> Full Black Elegance

The Chrono line is created thanks to the experience and the well-established renown of the Toorx brand. Flagship of a range which is becoming more and more multimedia and high performance, the Chrono line counts 2 uprights bikes, 1 recumbent bike, 3 indoor cycle/speed bike, 2 rowers,  4 ellipticals and 1 treadmill. The line features full strong black made in Italy design, advanced technological solutions and elegance characterizing all the new line equipments, able to satify the most demanding users.

Multimediality has been the object of a particular care. Models BRX-300, BRX R-300, ERX-300 and ERX-700 are equipped with an integrated Bluetooth module and include iConsole+ App, for more and more fun training thanks to endless paths, social media sharing and workout data archive.

These models are compatible with Kinomap fitness App that can be downloaded online.The treadmill TRX-100 is App Ready and thanks to the intelligent TRX ROUTE KEY Bluetooth system, can step into the world of the most interesting and specific Apps for treadmill training, included the Kinomap fitness App with 75.000 km of videos geolocalized all around the world.