Intelligent Bluetooth system for treadmill APP READY 2.0 and 3.0. Simply insert it into the dedicated USB door, located on the treadmill console. It allows to exploit the most inspiring and enjoyable Apps specific for the training with treadmills.

For treadmills APP READY 2.0 and 3.0: it includes iConsole+ Training App with maps, itineraries, fitness plans and data on the training. Compatible with Kinomap Fitness App (subscription not included) with 250.000 km and videos geolocalized everywhere in the world. The new TRX App Gate 3.0 has a double function: besides a BT module to connect the treadmill with the compatible App, it also works like a receiver for Bluetooth chest straps.

For treadmills APP READY 3.0: compatible with Zwift App too (subscription not included) to combine the fun of video games with the intensity of a motivating and effective workout.

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