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cod. WLX-90

  • Multi-function lifting station, characterized by high strength and construction accuracy, which groups together three different machines. It is in fact both a smith machine, thanks to the guided load barbell, and a squat rack thanks to the barbell supports and safety spotters, as well as being equipped with a high (lat machine) and low (pulley row) cable. WLX 90 guarantees a complete and quality home workout, in perfect combination with the WBX 180 Multifit bench.

    loading discs with hole ø 25 mm and ø 50 mm
    from 616 mm to 1696 mm. Ø disc holder for cast iron from ø 25 mm and ø 50 mm
    Adjustable 303/1738 mm on 13 levels. 120 mm wheelbase

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Technical data

Max user weight
Max user weight136 Kg
  • WEIGHT STACKS:  for weight plates with ø 25 mm and ø 50 mm hole
  • BARBELL HEIGHT: from 616 mm to 1696 mm. Weight plates holders diameter suitable for ø 25 mm and ø 50 mm plates
  • ALTEZZA J-CUPS/SAFETY SPOTTER ARMS: Adjustable on 13-level (303/1738). Distance 120 mm
  • INNER RACK HEIGHT/WIDTH 2036 mm/1048 mm
  • EQUIPMENT: 2 j-cups, 2 safety spotter arms, lat bar, straight triceps bar, chin-up bar, 4 chrome plated weight plates holders suitable for ø 25 mm and ø 50 mm plates, 8 olympic spring clip safety collars ø 49 mm included
Framereinforced steel rectangular tube (40x60x 3 mm / 40x80x 2 mm)
Set up size
Set up size1920x1350x2208 mm
Product code
Product codeWLX-90

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